Are you interested in personal freedom?

~ Are you recently retired or would like to soon be retired?
~ Are you leaving a job and would like a second opinion on your company pension?
~ Do you need clarity on your long term goals, vision and plan?
~ Have you created a road map for your retirement success?
~ Do you like help monitoring to ensure you arrive on time?
~ Would you like to know which small changes to your portfolio are beneficial in the long run?
~ Do you know if you can afford to retire, and if your pension will last through your retirement?
~ Do you need help with a financial plan including life risk management and life illness recovery?
~ Do you or your company need low cost high benefit employee health coverage?
~ Would you like a no obligation portfolio and financial plan review?

“Creating an amazing retirement life that contains peace, freedom, and gratitude..requires long-term vision, effective financial planning, and the courage to take action.   Think in terms of legacy.  Know who you are, rise to your challenges, do well for others, and live your life wisely: for this is your legacy.”


~ Joanne David CFP

   Certified Financial Planner

Joanne enjoys the wide variety of clients that she comes in contact with, and would love to meet you! Please message Joanne using our contact form.